Dagenham Brook


Dagenham Brook in 2004 from North Access Road at
Lowhall Sports ground looking south towards
Tudor Court and Bridge Road


Looking North in 2009 from Bridge Road and Yes! It is still very smelly.
The houses of Markmanor Avenue are on the the left.


Bridge Road completely blocked. Not sure whats going on, but I guess that the railings protecting the public from falling in are being replaced. They were very rickety when I took the Looking North picture. 20/08/09


As suspected, the wobbly green railings have been replaced with new. There is a gate at each end on both sides. As can be seen below, I can't see anyone walking along the "riverbank"! Taken 12/04/2010


New Railings in place.

From Marsh Lane looking North towards
Lea Bridge Road and Bridge Road


From Marsh Lane looking South